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Guild Progress
Apr 13, 10 1:58 PM
Name Change
Apr 11, 10 3:06 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Apr 11, 10 2:59 PM
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Welcome to our website!

We,  formally known as Hurtin for a Squirtin, are now Anomaly. As you may have guessed, we're a social raiding guild with a sense of humor (IDC if you think it's funny, it's still humor. I'll bet the Canadians get it.) We try to be helpful, but our primary purpose is to have a fun place to raid, progress and have a conversation with other freaks while we do....whatever. Help is available for gear, spec, gemming and such.

Guild Policy: Our guild policy includes, but is not limited to the following. While participating in guild chat, party chat or on the vent server, no guild member will discuss issues or be disrespectful regarding religion, race, politics, gender, age, place of origin or sexual orientation. Bullying other members is not permitted in either pubic or private guild chat. Playing with another member's 'public note' is an abuse of that player's rights.  Spamming guild chat with large macros, except for guild business, is discouraged. Asking for gold is not proper. No one ever has enough gold. Our Guild Banker will never give a player gold from guild funds simply by asking for it. Asking for an item or materials is okay provided your toon can use that item or you have a skill which needs certain materials for a profession. Begging is defined as asking for gold, mats or an item every few minutes with a comment like "please, pretty please may I have it". If a member wants to give you something that is fine. All members are expected to register on the website.

If you have any question regarding our guild's policy or if you feel you are being abused, please speak with a guild officer.

Registration: Registration on the guild's website is very important. Registering demonstrates your commitment to the guild. Guild officers and other registered players may chose not to assist players for questing and leveling who are not registered. You might be the last to be invited to a scheduled or unscheduled raid. Asking for items in the guild bank will be restricted. Use of the vent channel may be restricted. A wealth of information on the website is available only to registered members. Asking for items in guild chat or other requests might be ignored. No recruit will be pressured to register on the website.

Application Rejection: If you fail to answer all the questions on the application your application will be rejected without notice.
Other Guild News

Guild Progress

Anomalyadmin, Apr 13, 10 1:58 PM.
We have cleared up to Sindragosa in 10 man ICC & Up to Rotface in 25 man ICC.

Name Change

Anomalyadmin, Apr 11, 10 3:06 PM.
We have recently had a guild name change, compliments of the prudent children on the Arathor Server. We used to be Hurtin for a Squirtin (ahh makes me laugh still) now we are Anomaly. Or progression is fast and our members are coming with us to the top of the Arathor server ranks. Thanks for taking the interest in us and I will deliver more news in the weeks to come.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Anomalyadmin, Apr 11, 10 2:59 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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